New Center for Culture, Cognition and Health formed

The Board of Research at Karolinska Institutet has decided to establish a center for research in culture, cognition and health. Initiator of this new center formation is Fredrik Ullén,  who will also become the scientific director of the center. To start with, research groups at KI and KTH will be linked to the center. The purpose is to promote joint research projects and funding, but also to work with education and dissemination of information in different forms on the topic of the “cultural brain”.


Fredrik Ullén invited to be a member of Academia Europaea

On Jul 14 Fredrik Ullén was invited to be a member of the prestigious Academia Europaea, a European scientific academy of internationally leading scientists and scholars in the physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, the letters and humanities, social and cognitive sciences, economics and the law.

Creativity & Flow – Salon to the memory of Georg Klein (Tue, May 23)

On Tue (May 23) 19:00 at Konstakademien (Hörsalen), Fredrik Ullén will perform together with cellist Judit Ullén in a salon to the memory of world famous tumor biologist Georg Klein, who sadly passed away last December. Pieces on the programme are Bartók’s Piano Sonata, movements from J. S. Bach’s d minor Cello Suite, and Leo Weiner’s Romance for cello and piano. Fredrik Ullén will also discuss creativity and flow – topics which greatly interested Georg Klein – together with professor Ingemar Ernberg (Karolinska Institutet). More information and registration here:

Salon Creativity & Flow med Judisk Kultur


Brain and Culture II on May 17

On May 17 we will for the second time organize the symposium Brain and Culture in Karolinska Institutet’s Aula Medica. We are happy to present a very exciting program with both top-notch lectures on art and the brain and musical intermissions. Keynote talks will be given by Antonio and Hanna Damasio, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, and Laurel Trainor. Internationally leading flutist Sharon Bezaly von Bahr and Fredrik Ullén will perform Messiaen’s Le Merle Noir, as well as the second movement from Poulenc’s Flute Sonata. Other musical intermissions will be performed by the eminent jazz musicians Joakim Milder and Alexander Zethson, and a young trumpet ensemble from Lilla Akademien. For more information and registration (free of charge!), please go to!